My friend just showed me a glowing review of the Egg Genie, and I love this thing too -- it makes cooking eggs so, so easy.

I ordered one of the cute little things right away. I love eggs, so how could I not. The cool bubble design reminded me of my mother's old electric egg cooker. When it came, I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it seemed. I have a feeling this thing will last a long time, just like my mother's.

Now, instead of boiling a whole pot of water and waiting so long for it to get going, I can just pop the eggs into the Egg Genie, set it and forget it. It comes with the Bacon Wave too, which is a really handy device to cook bacon in the microwave -- but if you've tried that before, this thing actually works. You just pop frozen bacon into the upright slots and it cooks it to crispy perfection.

Watch the Egg Genie TV Commercial

If I'm in a rush in the morning, I'll just throw the eggs in the Egg Genie and the bacon in the Bacon Wave -- 10 minutes later, I've got an entire breakfast. Then I just slice the hardboiled eggs and put it all in sandwich or a wrap with a little cheese. It's super easy to eat a fast breakfast wrap in the car.

I highly recommend you go buy the Egg Genie, you get the super handy Bacon Wave too!