You may not know it but when your heater loses its efficiency, it could spell higher heating bills for you. Sometimes, these heaters keep going unnecessarily and continually heat even if the room you're in is already warm and toasty. Other heaters produce heat but the heat go to the ceiling and not towards you. With the new DR Heater, your room is warmed up evenly, giving you that cozy, fuzzy feeling even in the coldest weather.

DR Heater utilizes a heater engineered and designed in the USA which is powerful enough to heat up a room as big as 1,000 square feet.  Its advanced heating system uses a quartz infrared tube combined with PTC.  That, along with a specially made ball bearing high pressure, low noise AC blower ensures that the heat produced is efficiently and evenly distributed. Those dual heating systems increase the rate of heat transfer so that a cold room can be warmed up in no time. In tests done, DR Heater’s heating output was 60% more than other heating systems.

DR Heater comes with its own thick, wooden cabinet which protects you and your family because none of its wires or heating elements are exposed. Even if touched by young kids, it is totally safe and designed so it doesn't easily topple over. The DR Heater is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA & Canada, ensuring it complies with required safety standards. It has front panel buttons for easy operation and an auto-mode system of high and low settings. When on "Auto", the heater cycles on and off switching from high setting (1500W) to low setting (1000W). That way you save on energy costs since the heater need not be constantly on high. DR Heater is rated to heat up a room up to 1,000 square feet without any trouble. It comes with a three-year USA warranty as well.

Owning a DR Heater is one of the best investments you can have for years as it will keep you warm and comfortable during those cold weather days while saving you money on your energy bills. Give your family and guests a warm welcome at home with a DR Heater.

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