snuggiesI love my Snuggie, I wore it every day during the winter and spilled all kinds of food on the poor blanket with sleeves, but just when my old Snuggie started looking stained and faded, another Snuggie came out! I was thrilled with my first Snuggie, so I decided to get another set -- one zebra print and one camel color!

The new designer Snuggies were just like the original AS Seen On TV blanket with sleeves, except with the neat animal prints. So now you don’t have to search for a blanket with sleeves pattern just to have something besides red or green. The Snuggie is basically a fleece blanket with sleeves. They make it easy to do stuff while you're cozying up on the couch.

Watch the Snuggie Blanket Commercial

The blankets with sleeves make it a cinch to read a book, work on a laptop or have a snack without having to mess with a blanket falling down or sliding. Like the Snuggie people say, blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.

I especially like it because I can flip the countless cable channels without having to get out from my comfy little spot on the couch.

And just like the original the designer Snuggie comes with a second free Snuggie and a free reading light. It's a really neat little light, I used the Snuggie and the reading light while I was camping, it was the perfect way to do some reading by the campfire.

I've seen a lot of imitators recently, and I'm pretty loyal to this thing for some reason -- it's just genius! So remember it's not the Snuggle blanket with sleeves, it's not the Snuggly blanket with sleeves, there is only one Snuggie!

So go buy a Designer Snuggie now! Update your old Snuggie or give them as a gift, they're an instant conversation starter!