DepilSilk Hair RemoverDepilSilk Hair Remover has a vitamin-enriched formulation that combines both the cucumber and melon scents to give you that fresh and pleasant fragrance. It is so gentle on the skin and leaves it silky smooth. More importantly, it is so easy to get rid of unwanted hair. If the area is large, just spray on the area where you wish to remove hair, wait a little while so the lotion takes effect, then wipe away with a towel. See the hair on the sprayed area come away together with your towel leaving your skin hair-free and smooth. For smaller areas like facial hair, eyebrow sculpting, or trimming sideburns and removing lip hair, apply the lotion with a cotton bud or applicator only on the area concerned. It's so easy to do and can be done in under 5 minutes!  Your hair could be long and thick or short and fine. It could be straight or curly. DepilSilk Hair Remover will work on all hair types.

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You can now do away with shavers that tend to nick your skin or depilatories that could cause irritation and rashes. DepilSilk Hair Remover is gentle because it contains aloe vera, among others. And since it almost instantly removes hair, this is your perfect travel companion as you need not bring razors, shavers and extra blades around with you. You can even do a quick retouch at a party with absolutely no effort.

Get rid of unwanted hair any time and almost anywhere with DepilSilk Hair Remover.

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Getting rid of unwanted hair can really be time consuming. And having it removed at a salon can get expensive. So what can you do when you have very little time on your hands to care for yourself? Check out DepilSilk Hair Remover and never have to deal with unwanted hair ever again.