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Couples Snuggie blanket has three sleeves that is designed for lovers, friends, or families who want to wrap themselves together to enjoy and feel the comfort and warmth of a blanket. The three sleeves in Couples Snuggie blanket enables your hand to move freely so you can either hold the hand of your partner or have a sip of coffee while wearing the blanket.

You can use this blanket if you want to enjoy a romantic moment with your special someone. You and your partner can watch the late night movies, gaze at the stars, enjoy a cup of coffee by the terrace, have an intimate conversation by the fireplace, and more while cuddling each other in a Couples Snuggie blanket. The blanket will not only keep you and your partner warm, it will also add a more romantic feel to the atmosphere. With the softness and warmth of Couples Snuggie blanket you will always look forward to having a cozy moment with your special someone.

Couples Snuggie is also popular among families and friends. Wrapping each other up with the blanket can make a simple bonding moment fun, sweet, and memorable.

The blanket comes in a romantic red color with three sleeves. Its 81” x 71” size is enough for you and your loved-ones to move comfortably while wrapped in it.

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