For a better rest and quality sleep, Contour Living provides pillows with adjustable heights, massage cushions, and adjustable wedges. Ideal to give relief and prevent back pain, to add comfort to the people who recently had surgeries or have to spend a lot of time in bed, and for the ones who want the best sleep that they can get, pamper yourself with a new pillow, cushion, wedge, or mattress from Contour Living.

Freedom Back Lumbar Support

A new pillow, wedge, or mattress from Contour Living can do more that give you more comfort. In a WebMD article, George McClelland, DC, spokesman for the American Chiropractic Association, "The spine is not a straight line, and padding or a moderately firm mattress 'gives' better to the concavities and convexities of the we get middle years any beyond, when back pain is more prevalent, we find that more equalized support seems to be better.

In the same article, researchers, led by Francisco Kovacs, PhD, says that a medium-firm mattress leads to better "pressure distribution" when lying in bed, resulting in less pain while lying or after getting up.

According to Wikipedia, "GERD is largely preventable...Relief is often found by raising the head of the bed, raising the upper body with pillows, or sleeping sitting up. he upper body must be raised, not just the head; pillows that only raise the head do little for heartburn and put strain on the neck."

Make any bed an adjustable bed!

These are only 2 examples of how Contour Living can help you get better health. Experience zero-gravity support with the orthopedically designed Back Max Wedge Lounger.

We spend many hours lying down in bed. We could be sleeping, reading, or watching TV. We want more comfort and it is not just a luxury, it can help one feel better and wake up more refreshed.

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