clipa handbag hanger_Do you always feel like you are getting stuck holding the bag? It doesn’t seem to matter where you go: bars, restaurants, sporting events, the park, even your own office – there never seems to be a good place to hang your handbag. With the Clipa Handbag Hanger you don’t need to struggle to find a place to hang your handbag – you can simply create your own.

The Clipa Handbag Hanger lets you easily and instantly have a perfect place to hang your handbag, all you need to do is open it up and place on end on just about any surface – the Clipa Handbag Hanger works on tables, ledges, fences, railing or just about anywhere else to instantly give you the perfect place to hang your bag.

The Clipa Handbag Hanger works on more than just handbags too – you can use it for your diaper bag, duffle bag, backpack or just about any tote that has a loop or a handle. When you’ve finished and are ready to move on, the Clipa Handbag Hanger can just go right into the bag that you were using it to hold.

Watch the Clipa Handbag Hanger Video

The Clipa Handbag Hanger can also double as your favorite fashion accessories – it can be worn as a bracelet until you need it to spring into action to securely hold your bag, and when you’re done you can simply slip it back onto your wrist.

When you go out, you don’t want to just through your handbag anywhere – you need a safe and secure place to hang it and the Clipa Handbag Hanger instantly gives you that convenience and security.