Want a CitiKitty so your cat is sitting pretty while it’s making pee-pee? Toilet training cats is easy with the new cat product, CitiKitty.

If you had watched the movie, “Meet the Fockers”,  you might remember that there’s a scene where the cat uses the toilet and another one where it flushes it. For those who didn't watch it or would like to refresh their memory, here are the movie clips:

Your feline friend can go to the toilet to do their thing like the cat in the movie after toilet training with CitiKitty.

Cats are intelligent animals. They do know how to use the kitty litter box. You can change it into a new one and they will still use it. Children can be toilet trained with the use of a training seat. Some dogs might be able to clamber up the toilet to use it. Your cat can use the toilet with training!

Get CitiKitty. It’s the new cat product that will help you finally stop using kitty litter and the pooper scooper! Watch the video of the CitiKitty toilet trained cats.

Cats make great pets. The main issue is having to clean up after their mess. What other choice do you have aside from using kitty litter? Taking a cat for a walk to still have to use to pick up the poop? Have you bought a cat toilet that your pet refuse to use?

Cat urine smells awful. To address this concern, there are pet products for hiding the litter box, covering up the smell, and to aid in air circulation of an enclosed litter box. The foul odor psyches one out! Why go through all the trouble of using kitty litter when your cat can use the toilet? Flush the mess away. No more urine smells and waste to pick up once your pet goes to the bathroom like these CitiKitty toilet trained cats.

If your cat is at least 3 months old, you can train it. Older cats may be stubborn but when it comes to CitiKitty, you can have them going in the potty.

The cat toilet training kit includes a Specially-Designed Training Seat, the Training Insert, a Training Guide, Insider Tips, and CitiNip to reward your cat for using the toilet.

Why clean it up when you can flush it away? Feline potty training is possible with ordering CitiKitty.