Grow your own lovely red cherries with the Cherry Hedge. Instead of waiting for a long time for a cherry tree to grow, you can plant the Cherry Hedge from As Seen On TV and get to harvest your own cherries from it - thousands of red juicy cherries from one plant, year after year!

The Cherry Hedge from As Seen On TV is a bush that can grow up to 5 feet tall. It does well in partial to full sunlight and can be planted on sandy, loam, or clay soil. The foliage of the Cherry Hedge changes from bronze to red and sheds in the fall to get ready for the winter as it can survive temperatures to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cherry Hedge has greenish grey leaves when it's ready to come out with the cherry blossoms and bears the delightful cherries that are less than an inch large. The Cherry Hedge is considered as a fruit-bearing plant and also known as an ornamental plant because of how beautiful this plant is.

The Cherry Hedge is the way to get to harvest over 10,000 cherries from each plant without having to wait for years as it grows three times faster than cherry trees! The dark red cherries are delicious and may be eaten fresh, made into jams, jellies, syrup, and placed in pies and other desserts. Top an ice cream scoop with the perfect cherry from your own Cherry Hedge that you can pick from your garden.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own cherry orchard? Wouldn't it be wonderful to grow your own cherries, have a bountiful harvest, and get to preserve these? With this As Seen On TV offer, you can get to buy 2 Cherry Hedges for only 10 dollars and get 2 more for FREE.