I am a woman that likes to bring everything with me. For this reason I have always carried somewhat large bags, until the Buxton Organizer Bag!

My giant bags work in allowing me the ability to bring all of the things with me that I want, but they never have all of the organizational functions to them that help me to be able to find what I need fast. I have a hard time digging through them to find my car keys, wallet, and anything else that I am trying to get to. I hate when my cell phone rings because I can never just reach in and find it. Half of the time I miss the call while I am searching for my cell phone.

One day I decided to give the Buxton Organizer Bag a try. It seemed like it may be just what I was looking for. The Buxton Bag is not only a bag that you can carry over your shoulder like a traditional bag, but it is an organizer as well. One of the best features about this bag is that it has a built in cell phone holder located on the top part of the bag right on the outside. This means that when my cell phone rings I don't even have to go into the bag. It has many different pockets that make for easy organization.

I am very happy with my Buxton Bag, I now know where everything is. It has ended my problem of endlessly digging through my bag trying to find what I need. Now I just reach right into my Buxton Bag and pull out exactly what I was looking for. It also expands, this means that when I need more room I can adjust the bag and make that extra room. If you are looking for a bag that is also an organizer, you should give it a try!

Check it out online and buy the Buxton Organizer Bag and stop carrying those giant purses.