Bun and Thigh MaxHow much time each day do you spend on exercise? Let me tell you a secret...the Bun and Thigh Max is only a 5-minute exercise program that shows you exercises worth doing! Isn't this exciting to know? Life is so simple with the new Bun and Thigh Max! A 5-minute workout each day is all you need.

The Bun and Thigh Max is a compact, handy exercise equipment that you can bring around comfortably. What is more exciting is, it shows you a variety of five (5) easy workouts: inner thighs, outer thighs, calf press, leg press, and reverse leg kicks. All the exercises are done in a sitting position while reading or watching TV at home or at the office. It fits any long bag or box for easy storage. The Bun and Thigh Max shapes and tones your inner and outer thighs, quadriceps, calves, buns, and legs. No other exercise equipment can compare to the Bun and Thigh Max. Together with this amazing workout package, you get: (1) a diet program; (2) a 30-day meal recipe; and (3) a DVD showing you the “5-Minutes A Day” exercise program. One thing to remember though -- in changing the position of the handles remember to turn the handles in the direction of the arrows on the machine. Otherwise, you will hear a loud sound. Though it will not break, it would be wise to follow directions properly.

The Bun and Thigh Max exercise program is the best-ever fitness program. Since the Bun and Thigh Max fitness program has three (3) settings of Easy, Medium, and Hard, it caters to just about anyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced exercise enthusiast. Where else can you get the best fitness program for your hard-earned money? Don't wait any longer and do the right thing now!

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