Bun and Thigh IsolatorIf you are looking for a personal, ergonomic solution to your back problem, and want to go as far as toning and strengthening your buns and thighs, worry no more. We have just the right exercise equipment for you. It is called the Bun and Thigh Isolator. The Bun and Thigh Isolator is considered one of the best exercise equipments that focus on burning unwanted fats on your buns and thighs. It also has the capacity to strengthen and straighten your back while doing the exercises shown on the accompanying video.

True to form, there are two (2) important features of the Bun and Thigh Isolator that are patented: (1) the Parallelogram Technology, and (2) the Pivotal Isolator Action. These features allow the ergonomic chair with padded back and foot rest move downwards and upwards simultaneously or opposite for optimum toning and strengthening of your buns and thighs, as well as burning fat cells in those areas. Included in the Bun and Thigh Isolator are three (3) resistance levels to choose from so that even beginners can exercise at their own pace without much difficulty. Accessories of the Bun and Thigh Isolator are: a DVD exercise program, a 12-day Slim Down Program, and two (2) resistance bands (10lbs and 25lbs each) which you can attach for more resistance.

Exercising has never been this easy before. Another exercise workout is a full-body stretch where you can push your feet forward and incline backwards. In doing this exercise your back will be safely supported and straight. Knowing that you can exercise safely and easily in your own home gives you a boost to get great results. The Bun and Thigh Isolator is worth buying! Not only is the Bun and Thigh Isolator easy to assemble, to use, and store after use. It actually works!

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