How to get rid of insects without squashing them?

Catch insects with a suction tube. The Bug Buster is a chemical free option. It prevents the ugly and smelly mess that has to be cleaned up after a pest is swatted or stepped on.

Flying insects are hard to chase with swatters. That is a hit or miss! You can't swat or use a rolled up newspaper to eradicate a swarm of bees. Spraying them may result in exhausting half a spray can and those pests will still be able to escape, maybe a little dizzy, but still unharmed. What's worse, the next generation that survived the onslaught will become stronger than before as they are gaining immunity.

Catch and Trap Insects

Be like Jackie Chan and the Karate Kid who use a pair of chopsticks to catch insects. The Bug Buster with the suction tube takes the challenge away. Point the end of the 15 inch long tube, press the button, and suck those insects.

Spiders, flies, cockroaches – none of these can escape the suction power of the Bug Buster that will turn you into an expert bug catcher.

Insects that get killed from chemical or organic sprays and other similar products will fall on the floor or furniture. How many of those that you have eliminated using these methods where you able to clean up? How many are of the dead are left hidden? Ever seen an upside cockroach that might have been there for who knows how long?

Trap bees, wasps, mosquitoes, grasshoppers… any creeping, crawling, or flying insect for those to be disposed or set free.

Use the Bug Buster for a discovery science activity. Instead of buying a net, children and those who are young at heart will love to catch butterflies and other interesting insects that can be found in the great outdoors. The insects that are caught do not have to be transferred into another container right away as they will be kept alive in the tube. Collecting insects is easy with a Bug Buster.

Battery operated, for use in and outside the home, facilities, and establishments, if there is an insect to catch, the Bug Buster will do the task.

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