Boom-a-Ring review

Boom-a-Ring reviewHello? Boom-a-Ring. "Mom, stop answering my cell phone!" Attach a handset to a cell phone with Boom-a-Ring. Talk with the comfort of an old-style phone with the newest cell phone accessory, Boom-a-Ring. It will change the way you use your cell phone. Discover what the latest technological advancement that makes talking on a cell phone so much better by reading this Boom-a-Ring review.

Holding a cellphone to your ear to be able to communicate has its setbacks. The reception can be choppy, the voice will seem far, and the recipient may not be able to hear you quite clearly. Boom-a-Ring has a sound enhancement technology. This means your conversations will be much clearer when you use Boom-a-Ring.

The comfort of holding an old-style handset can allow you to talk with the use of cell phone for hours on end. You can hold a handset to your ear, pin in down with your shoulder, and talk as long as you want. Handling a small and square phone is quite difficult as it does take extra effort to grip, unlike a handset. Now you can simply attach a Boom-a-Ring. The Boom-a-Ring works with any cell phone and the curly cord extends to an incredible length of 8 feet.

When you have been talking on your cellphone for quite some time, it begins to heat up. This is rather uncomfortable. The Boom-a-Ring handset won't heat up and it will cradle your ear as you talk as much as you want.

There are recent studies have shown cellphone radiation can damage the brain and cause tumors. This can be caused by using the cell phone to converse for even just 30 minute regularly. The Boom-a-Ring will keep your cell phone away from your ear and reduce the risk of your getting these health concerns.

Here are the unique features of the Boom-a-Ring:

Sound enhancing technology
Includes adapter to make it work with any cell phone
Curly cord can stretch to a length of 8 feet
Requires no batteries or recharging
Attaches easily to your handset
Detaches quickly when not needed
Come in black or white

Boom-a-Ring is the latest trend in cell phone accessories. It suits your lifestyle and the way you want to talk. Imagine the convenience of talking with a handset! Boom-a-Ring is the only cellphone accessory that can do this for you.