Having a knotted or sore muscle can affect your daily life. Good thing there is now the all-in-one Body Back Buddy massage device to solve this dilemma.

Body Back Buddy is a Trigger Point Massager created by Paul Nash who is a massage therapist. Through his experiences with his clients, Nash was able to develop this effective massage device to promote wellness. With this affordable, flexible and effective massage device, muscle pain and soreness are relieved especially in hard-to-reach areas.

The device has 11 therapy knobs that are used to release pressure on the target muscle. These therapy knobs are positioned then pressed on the part of the body that is suffering from muscle soreness. The therapy knobs help stimulate the muscle and provide healing pressure. Body Back Buddy massager uses the leveraging technique to enable application of direct pressure to the muscle.

The Body Back Buddy massager comes in an S shape, which offers numerous benefits. Its shape allows you to comfortably fit it to the different body parts especially those hard-to-reach areas. The design enables you to provide the affected area with the right amount of pressure at different angles, making it more effective in providing relief. Now you do not need to visit a spa or hire a massage therapist. You can let yourself have a relaxing and alleviating massage right at your home.

Body Back Buddy is lightweight, handy, and durable so you can bring it anywhere with you. Its size and weight will not put on additional weight and space on your bag or suit case. If you often experience muscle soreness at work, you can bring the Body Back Buddy massager along with you and use it whenever the soreness starts.

For only $29.99 plus $9.95 shipping and handling fee, you can have your own Body Back Buddy massage device. To receive the Illustrated Hints and Tips Instructional Guide, the Reflexology Guide, and the Scalp Massager for free, an additional $6.95 shipping and handling fee is required. These free guides will ensure proper use of the device and maximum benefits.

The Body Back Buddy massage tool comes with a lifetime warranty, so you have nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with the product during the first 10 minutes of use, you can return it for a full refund less than the S&H fee.

Purchase your own Body Back Buddy now and free yourself from muscle tension.