Fitness, cross training, mixed martial arts - the Body Action System workout and fitness machine provides the method to get 30 times more muscle activation which means max results fast! The As Seen On TV Body Action System  in the perfect workout for cardio and strength training that gives targeted results in every single part of the body.

MMA Champion Bas Rutten has created the full body workout and a fitness machine ideal for people of all fitness levels that want a sculpted body, endurance, and specialized training. The Body Action System a.k.a. BOS fitness machine is a free standing sparing partner! It's more than just a punching bag, it has a head, arms, and chest that is made from pads and it is formed just like a dummy but has the streamlined design that makes it bounce back when hit.

For hard hitting action like boxing, for high kicking and kneeing, for that ideal 'punching bag' with that resistance when one hits it, the impact of doing a workout with the BOS fitness machine as a sparring partner does the task of training for cardio and strength like never before!

Other fitness machines have limited capacity compared to this BOS and those suit the older styles of workouts. The Body Action System from As Seen On TV is perfect for training especially for the ones who are into mixed martial arts as one would never have to look for a sparring partner.

Get the workout program and the fitness machine that is customized for all sizes and configurations and folds up for the portability and storage.

MMA Champ Bas Rutten knows what is needed to bring the training to the intensity required whatever fitness level one is at. It's going to be awesome to have the 'sparring partner' and the workout program of the As Seen On TV Body Action System!