bodirockerBodiRocker Balance Resistance Trainer sports a lovely, inimitable, trendy design and offers a two-in-one-workout plan that conveniently produces great results for a chiseled upper body and well-toned abs. The product is ingeniously devised to deliver a daily fat burning work out solution anywhere you want. BodiRocker Balance Resistance Trainer’s distinct technique and design is modeled to strengthen shoulders, back, chest, abs as well your arms. Compared to other superficial workout devises that merely offer smokescreen results without building the body from the core, BodiRaocker disciplines the entire upper body to strengthen it from within, which then automatically translate into conspicuous outer results.

The handy product comes with a built in balance meter with multiple grip positions that allows you to tone and shape the entire body without too much trouble. The core stabilizer muscles engage in controlling the rocking and twisting motions for a complete workout program. BodiRocker can put together over seventy exercises and works for all ages, body types and fitness levels. All it takes is less than fifteen minutes of your day.

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The best part of the product is the stylish curved design that allows you to identify and target hard to access muscles along with prime areas like the shoulder, back, chest and arm. BodiRocker’s balance meter allows you to guide the balance and keeps you in top form every time you repeat the exercise technique. Reducing your workout duration by half and offering you a myriad choices for exercises, BodyRoacker Balance Resistance Trainer is simple, enjoyable, effective and produces great results within a relatively short span of time. It is as much for beginners, who are just getting their body accustomed to a workout session as for athletes who seek hardcore muscle-building workout routines. The pack comes with a couple of useful added trimmings like free workout DVDs and cards.

The BodiRocker Balance Resistance Trainer is ideal for a quick, snappy workout session that doesn’t require elaborate equipments and can be done anytime, anywhere when you have a few moments to spare. A resourceful design combined with core training and strength training helps tone your body without putting you through lengthy work-out sessions.