I just got my newest and most favorite beauty accessory ever! The Blo & Go is amazing, I can dry my hair hands free!
If you have long hair like mine, you probably know how annoying it is to dry all that hair while trying to comb it, I've tried those end of the dryer combs and things, but nothing really worked. At one point, I wished I had one of those public-restroom blowers to dry my hair hands free. I thought it was a pipe dream until I saw an ad for the Blo and Go hair dryer holder online, It looked ten times better than a blower and I could use my own hair dryer without even touching it.

Blo & GloI bought it immediately, and without thinking. So when it arrived a week or so later, I was kind of anxious at how well it worked. That anxiety soon passed!

I was, very pleasantly, surprised at how well the hair dryer holder really worked. It's a really sturdy piece of equipment, just what I needed to hold up my old, heavy hair dryer. I would describe it like a wall mounted lamp, but instead of having a swiveling light fixture, it's a hair dryer. I could position it however I wanted for whatever kind of hair do I did. It became insanely easy to curl add a lot of volume with a brush or curl it just right for a night out!

When I actually got around to reading about the awesome hair drying solution, I found that it actually took four years by a product designer and a top runway model to perfect it! I was surprised and so happy to know someone really put all their genius into a product -- it was a simple, elegant tool that I never had to take down. I just stuck it to the tile wall of my bathroom and left it, but it also sticks to mirrors, marble or any smooth flat surface.

Whenever a friend comes over now, I force her to get her hair wet and try it out. They all give me pretty strange looks, but by the time they're done, they are grinning like madwomen. Its genius is infectious, I swear!

As Seen on the Opera Show!

It has become my number one hair drying tip -- the hair dryer hanger cut 10 minutes from my morning routine!

Don't struggle with the hair dryer any more, don’t wish you had three hands and don't try to make your own shoddy contraption -- go buy Blo & Go now, you won't regret all the time you save!

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