Have you been serving regular donuts to your family or during kiddie parties? You probably cooked your own donuts and that takes time as you have to prepare the batter and drop them one by one into the hot oil. At times, they do not always come out as nicely as you want them to and the shapes are not exactly round. And let’s admit it, the ordinary donut can get a little boring. How about surprising everyone when you bring out a donut that is about 25 times the size of an ordinary one? The Big Top Donut is sure to surprise the little ones who will delight at seeing a giant donut the size of their heads.

It is really easy to make a giant donut with Big Top Donut. Imagine if you had to make 25 donuts. Just think of the effort having to cook each one individually in a pan. With Big Top Donut, you can use any ordinary donut or cake mix, put it into the mold, and bake it in the oven. When it is done the Big Top Donut separates easily from the nonstick silicone mold, leaving no sticky doughnut parts on the mold. Then use your regular colored sprinkles or get downright creative and do patterns or holiday colors right on top of it. Your young ones will want to join in the fun of decorating their very own Big Top Donut. The creative ideas are unlimited and everyone will be eager to take a bite out of a donut that they themselves created. Your order of Big Top Donut includes the Big Top silicone mold together with a Sweet Scribbler kit , a Donut Idea Book, and the Big Top Cookie silicone mold if you pay additional postage and handling.

Bring more life to the party. Get everyone into creative fun and even more fun slicing and eating Big Top Donut later.

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