The new food storage solution, the Better Sealer, is far better than zip-locking. Sealing bags is made easy, fast, and more efficient with this eco-friendly Better Sealer review's handy kitchen tool that requires no electricity.

Better Sealer - Click, Snap, Sealed Fast!

This Better Sealer review offers an attractive way to seal bags close with features that are not found in other sealers.

The advantages of using this sealer are many. Unlike vacuum sealers and heat sealers, it requires no electricity, costly investment, nor does it take up any counter space. Those disposable plastic self-locking bags require the food to be transferred to it - but with the Better Sealer, you don't have to buy anymore of those as the Better Sealer is the greener choice.

The Better Sealer seal bags like the ones for chips quickly, and may be kept anywhere needed like in the entertainment room, in the office, or in the vehicle.

Those large sealing clips are hard to use as there require strategic folding and some pressure to be exerted to open.

A child can't open a clip to seal a bag of chips but will have a lot of fun closing bags with the Better Sealer.

The Better Sealer is an efficient way to close bags and prevent the common problems of food storage because it:

*Seal in the freshness
*Stores food in the original bag
*Lock out the moisture and exposure to the elements
*Keep the insects away.
*Safe to use, no heat or injuries
*May be used to color code the items

Better Sealer - Seals Efficiently

The kind of seal that you will get is airtight, watertight, and prevents freezer burn.

It is easy to use, reusable, and portable.

This review presents you with the eco-friendly choice that is perfect for storing leftovers, packing food for keeping, for closing bags for kids to bring their food to school, and adults who want to take along their office lunches, and may be used for other bags that contain non-food items.

In less that a minute, you can seal it with the Better Sealer.