Bag it better with the Better Bagger, the unique bag holder that can hold open a bag and keep it stable as you fill it. Plus, discover with this Better Bagger review another innovation which are the Better Spouts. These two make up the AsSeenOnTV kitchen tandem that filling and transforming storage bags into containers a snap!

Better Bagger and Better Spouts
Streamline The Work Process and Turn Bags Into Containers

How do you typically fill storage bags? One method would be to hold the top end and tilt it while placing stuff in. Another way is to place it inside another container to hold it up. It is also possible that the storage bag is made to lean against something to stabilize it. Such crude methods, but then before, we didn't have a choice.

The Better Baggar is the kitchen tool that does the specific task of holding open a storage bag. With a base and two long, extendable, and adjustable arms on each side that have clips at both ends to hold the storage bag steady. This arms makes it like having extra pair of helping hands.

The Better Bagger arms may be adjusted into various heights. This serves the purpose of holding storage bags of varuous sizes or volume. The capacity of these bag holders are not just for pint-size as one can fill up a storage bag with a gallon of stuff while the Better Bagger holds it upright for you.

The Better Bagger is handy. Fold it to place aside, it is the storage solution to holding bags open that helps reduce other issues such as where to keep it.

It also helps you reduce the use of bulky storage containes such as covered containers and gallon-sized buckets because now it's going to be easier for you to bag it with the Better Bagger, the innovative invention from AsSeenOnTV.

This Better Bagger review has another great AsSeenOnTV product for you. The Better Spouts are part of the package and you are going to love what it can do. The Better Spouts places a pouring lid on any bag. These large covers makes the bag into a container that can be opened to pour out the contents and closed to seal.

When you have to place thing in a storage bag, eliminate the hassle and the mess. Streamline the process by holding the bag open with the AsSeenOnTV Better Bagger and cover it with one of the AsSeenOnTV Better Spouts.

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Bag it better with the Better Bagger and put lids on it with Better Spouts!