My son loves to make stuff and he can keep himself occupied for hours just making different crafts for the family, so the Bendaroos were the greatest gift for him.

Bendaroos I appreciate the fact that I have such a creative child, but it can take a toll on my home. I have had different products stuck in the carpets, ink spots left on my furniture from pens, and tape stuck to the walls. For his birthday I wanted to get him something that would allow him to continue creating beautiful pieces of art, and help my house to stay undamaged at the same time. That's when I saw a commercial about Bendaroos.

Bendaroos are colorful and flexible sticks that a child can create a variety of masterpieces from. The thing that I most appreciate about Bendaroos is that they don't make any messes. There's no ink, glue, or tape. These are three of the biggest mess makers in my house so I was really pleased to learn about that aspect of them. A child can bend them any way that they want to in order to create whatever they want.

I ordered a set for my son and it arrived in time for his birthday,.. This ended up being his favorite present. He immediately tore into them and began making everything under the sun. He made animals, trains, and entire scenes. This has been the source of much quiet in my home every since. My son has even used them to decorate other things in our home. He has decorated his piggy bank, school pencils, and many of his other toys.

If you are looking for something that will bring out your child's creative side without making a mess then you should buy Bendaroos for your child. They will be kept happy for hours and you will be happy with your cleaner house.