Bath time is always a fun time for children especially in the bath tub because they love to splash the soapy water around to create bubbles and water ripples. But too much splashing around can also wet you and the floor, and cleaning up all that soapy water on the floor takes time. To help them keep still while bathing them without removing the fun-time feeling of taking a bath, use a wonderful product called Bath Blizzard. This new functional toy is also a great bubble maker which creates a never-ending flow of bubbles for children to enjoy playing with.

Bath Blizzard is your children’s dream bath tub fun because of the big bubbles it creates. Bath Blizzard is battery-run. The motor runs the fan inside the box-like toy to push the soapy water out and create big bubbles. It has a long strap to so you can hang it on the shower handle or you can opt to use the suction at the back of Bath Blizzard to attach it to your bath tub so that the bubbles flow right into the tub. Bath Blizzard’s bubbly bubbles have an amazing calming effect on children -- keeping them well-behaved and busy playing games. What makes Bath Blizzard a favorite among parents is that its bubbly, soapy solution can actually remove dirt from your children’s bodies. Being hypoallergenic and pediatrician-proven for all types of skin, Bath Blizzard will become your children’s favorite bathing companion from now on.

With its hypoallergenic solution, you can be sure that Bath Blizzard is safe to use on any skin type and will be a great bath companion for your children. Keep on using Bath Blizzard to keep your children extra happy during their bath time. Bath time can now be fun for them and easy for you.

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