BarkOffBarkOff ultra sonic dog trainer is most probably THE best way to stop a dog from barking and it’s harmless, painless and effortless. When it comes to a high-tech way to make a dog stop barking, it is the only one in its class. Bark Off is a device that emits an ultra-sonic sound, triggered by a dog’s bark, that will distract the canine and make it keep quite. Dog barking is a behavioral problem and aside from training, there are a few alternative solutions which can be primitive and sometimes even a bit cruel. Bark Off does the task at hand without making life miserable for the dog. Take a quick look at the other choices you have to making a dog stop barking:

Muzzle. Placing a muzzle on the dog will stop it from barking and biting. If you think about this method, it’s like placing your hand around its mouth and grasping it firmly down to keep it closed for hours on end. Muzzles are the most primitive among the anti-barking products and an unkind way to do stop the animal from barking.

Anti-barking collar. There are two kinds of anti-barking collars, one emits a scent that the dog hates and the other one will send a mild electrical shock throughout the body of the dog. Whichever one you use, the dog will dislike. Stopping a dog’s bark by inflicting it with these methods is like punishing it for communicating.

Debarking surgery. This method is also called devocalization. It is a surgical procedure in which the vocal cords of the animal are removed. Imagine… if you were the dog, and your ability to speak was taken out just to make you shut up.

The ultimate advantage that you have when you use BarkOff is that it will work, not only for your own dog but on any dog within hearing distance of the ultra-sonic pitch. BarkOff is the only way you can stop your neighbor’s dog from howling at the moon. It’s lightweight and portable, and you can activate it without any human being noticing the sound it emits. Stopping a dog from barking has never been easier and more humane than using BarkOff.

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