Provide the nutritional advantage. Homemade baby food for babies, the elderly, and dieting. Healthy baby food recipes to whiz up. Free blender for all shoppers.

A complete food processing system, make baby food in seconds that is ready to serve. In under 5 minutes, get to make enough store a week’s supply in fridge and freezer with the Baby Bullet.

Why make homemade baby food?

It’s the way to provide the best nutrition. Organic, with no preservatives or additives. Salt and sugar free. Read the label of the store bought baby food. What are all those ingredients? Know exactly what is going to be served by making homemade baby food.

The finest food at a fraction of the cost. Make fresh fruit purees and blends. Boil skinless chicken breast or beef to make into smooth or chunky baby food. Add in carrots and peas to make it healthier. Create a pumpkin and vegetable mix. There are hardly any limits to the recipes that can be made.

Homemade Baby Food Processing System

Every meal and snack can be special, taste great, and provide the right nutritional intake when made with the Baby Bullet.

A whole load of baby food >> from start to finish in just minutes.

The Baby Bullet system includes following items for each step of the food making and storage process:
Baby blend blade. Blend smooth baby food for stage 1 babies. Push and pulse action to create chunky food for older babies.

Milling blade. Great for grinding oatmeal and other cereals. Mill to a fine powder ingredients grains and nuts to add to the variety of food that can be made.

Two baby blend cups. Make and serve with this handy cup. No need to transfer the food into another container. It also has to side handles to facilitate holding it so it won’t slip or drop.

Batch bowl. Perfect size to make a lot of the same kind of baby food. One batch that is whizzed up in this batch bowl may yield an equivalent of 8 store bought baby food jars.

6 baby food storage cups. The baby food can be placed into individual food storage cups that have a twist to seal cover. Plus, these have a date indicator on the lid. Twist the dial with to the right number so it will show the date when the food was made. Organize it in the freezer with the special storage tray.

A 12 serving freezer tray. Store by batch. Flex to pop out frozen baby food to defrost or reheat to serve. Make baby sorbets and fresh fruit cold treats.

Special spatula. Use to facilitate the transfer of food with the correct sized spatula to minimize waste from leaving food in the container. It is also essential to have this to ensure that the baby food is prepared with it’s own utensil.

A 2-in-1 steamer. A Turbo Steamer will steam the just the right amount of food fast in it’s own container. It also can be converted into a Digital Steam Sanitizer to sterilize things like pacifiers and teething toys.

Use the Baby Bullet to the max with it’s cookbook and nutritional guide. Be an expert at making homemade baby food in just minutes.

With each order of the Baby Bullet - you get the complete Magic Bullet Blender system to make soups, smoothies, cocktails, and desserts in a whiz for free.