Here's the list of the awesome AsSeenOnTV products on SALE that were featured on the TV show, The View, a talk show that has Whopie Goldberg as one of the hosts. These items are the choice of this popular TV show and are excellent gifts to give to yourself, your family, and friends.

If you have been wondering what are the most amazing products of 2011, and the ones that just came out for 2012, then you might want to take a closer look at The View's featured reviews AsSeenOnTV products.

Included in the shopping list are children's toys, kitchen equipment, beauty products, gadgets, pet products, and fitness equipment. Here are a few of these items:

Wuggles. Huggable and lovable baby stuffed animals to thrill any child. What makes it different is that they come to life as the child will place the stuffing inside to fluff it up.  Wuggles have their own birth certificate and can be hanged on a backpack or at the side of the bed.

Redakai 3D Trading Cards. Any boy would love to own this deck! These are collectible - great for trading. Redakai can also be played in an action packed Kairu battle. The set includes the 43 piece Deck of X-cards, 3 Character Bays, 1 Card Screen with Character Counter, and 1 Draw Deck. Unleash the power of the game in 3D.

Salon Express. This the nail polish kit with infinite possibilities.  Nail art that you can make in just minutes. Professional designs with all that you need to make the nail art with an easy brush or stamp technique.

When you want to shop online for the latest products and those that are great to own and give, AsSeenOnTv shopping list as featured on The View are on holiday discounted prices such as the Salon Express which is being sold for only $10.95!

Check out the AsSeenOnTV - The View Shopping List