Getting a muscle spasm or pinched nerve on your chest or back while doing chores at home or carrying heavy items at work can be a very painful experience. Such an incident can become a health risk when the pain doesn’t go away, you’re all by yourself, and you’re too weak to move and get help from the neighbors. This problem can be attributed to either a lack of oxygen in the body, poor blood circulation, or stress. The Arched Back Stretcher is the therapeutic back support which you need to gently relieve the tightness and tension felt in your muscles and nerves by doing some easy and workable back-stretching floor exercises.

The Arched Back Stretcher is a back support that is meant to relieve and soothe aching bones, muscles, and nerves. It looks like a padded cushion on a sturdy base that is curved and follows the contour of your back to induce you to stretch and flex. At the same time, it supports and cushions your back. With just a few minutes of simple floor exercises, you will soon feel stronger and more energized to go back to work. It further improves blood circulation, increases flexibility, and enhances better posture. Too much sitting down, standing or walking around can put stress on different parts of the body. The Arched Back Stretcher keeps you relaxed and helps the blood and oxygen in your body flow smoothly. As such, this helps to reduce the incidence of disk pressure and muscle spasms.

Don’t take pain for granted. The Arched Back Stretcher is a great stress reliever for tired and aching muscles and ribs. As your back rests on a padded cushion, it allows you to do floor exercises with ease. The Arched Back Stretcher can give you the stretch and flexibility your body needs to keep your back flexible and pain-free.

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