OK, I'm a bit lazy, I'll be the first to admit it, so I'm always looking for something like these wonderful Aqua Globes that make everything a little easier.

I saw them online and ordered a set -- from my comfy couch of course.

By the time they arrived, my plants had started to turn brown. So, I filled the little globes and stuck them in the dirt and walked away. Two days later, my plants were looking much, much happier and there was still a lot of water in the globes.

The As Seen on TV Aqua Globes were a cinch to use, just turn on the water and fill them up. Since the water sits in the globes for a while, the chemicals in tap water evaporate, making your plants even happier.

Watch the AquaGlobe Commercial As Seen On TV

I put the globes into all my houseplants, and into an outside plant that I leave sitting on my deck; which I always forget to water. It's so great, even if it rains the water stays in the globe, keeping your plants wet, but not too wet at all times.

The Aqua Globes look really nice too, so they add a little shine and decoration to my houseplants on top of their functionality.

I loved the globes so much that I ordered another set. I don't even know where my watering can is anymore. Every two weeks, I just walk around the house collecting the globes, fill them up, and retrace my steps replacing all the globes!

If you're like me, you need to buy Aqua Globes online and forget about the hassle of watering plants!