Discover AntWorks, the space age ant farm. Instead of soil, the soldier ants will tunnel through translucent gel. At night, you may light it up with LED lights to watch the ants activities. With this AntWorks review, learn more about the science behind this new kind of world for the ants.

NASA sends out living things into space. One of insects that they choose to bring along in a rocket ship were ants. It was found that ants can create their tunnels even if the pull of gravity is a lot less in outer space.

AntWorks has taken away the soil from an ant farm and had place a clear blue gel. This gel serves as the soil, the food, and the water that the ants need to thrive. An ant colony will have a sustainable life - there will be no need to give water or food. There are nutrients in the gel that will keep the ants alive.

Imagine, taking care of ants as pets without having to do anything at all with AntWorks.

AntWorks is a ton of fun for kids of all ages as they can easily create and they don’t have to take care of their own awesome ant farm - it will just be theirs to enjoy.

There are so many different kinds of ants such as the black ones with big heads or the small red ones that bite. Yet, they all share the common trait of being hard working. From the moment that the ants are placed into their new home, they will start tunneling. Every move that each ant does can be seen clearly because of the transparent nature of the gel. Ants are always on the go, so even at night, a child can turn on the LED lights at the bottom of the ant far to infuse the gel with a glow to make their ants visible!

Here’s what’s included with each order:

AntWorks Container
Nutrient Gel
Magnifying Glass
Ant Catching & Tunnel Starter Tool
Interesting Facts About Ants

How long do you think a child will observe their ant farm? Will they ever tire of their pet ants? Shall they start to get to know their ants so well that they can differentiate each one and even give them names?

What can you give to a kid that has everything? A new PSP, a toy, a book?

Give them AntWorks.