Allay PatchEvery month period pain can make you feel uncomfortable and moody giving you a general state of irritation. Taking analgesics seems the right thing to do but the long term consequences are quite peculiar. In time pain release pills tend to lose their efficiency leading to an increased in dosage and in some cases even to a dependency. Stop hurting yourself more and try the new Allay Patch a noninvasive product that helps you go on with your daily activity pain free form menstruation cramps. Clinically tested Allay Patch features a special chip which pulses gently waves of energy on your ovaries area thus reducing the discomfort of period pain. Facilitating blood circulation Allay Patch helps eliminating noxious agents released in the tissue and reestablishes the cell to cell communication which reduces the inflammation process. The pulses emitted by the Allay Patch’s microchip are noninvasive as their power represents a mere 10% of that generated by ordinary mobile phones.

Thanks to its special design Allay Patch can be easily carried around all day long as its thin and soft cover makes it practically invisible under the cloths. Continue your daily activity without worrying about how much time will pass until the period pain will appear again as this special product will guarantee a pain free state all day long.

Why suffer in silence when you can forget all about menstrual cramps with the new Allay Patch the perfect invisible and drug free period pain reliever that helps you go on with your life regardless the time of the month.

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