The Alarm Security Bar prevents intruders from opening the door with a baricade. When the door knob is touched, it has an alarm that will go off and sounds like angry barking dog. Keep people out and scare them away with the latest in security equipment that has a dual function.

How can one secure a door?

Locks may be added. What if the door is that of an office or a hotel? You don’t own it and it would take a lot of time and effort to place in additional security. There are other security devices that can be used to stop the door knob from being turned. Those might seem to be good but surely, when compared to this one, those with older style, design, and material are flimsy.

The Alarm Security Bar is the way to prevent the door from being opened as the bar has the strength of steel and it has the additional feature of an alarm. There are wheel locks for a vehicle to keep it from being stolen. This is similar to that locking device except that it is for doors and has a loud alarm.

This kind of security may also be used when you prefer no one to suddenly walk in. You might be living in a shared apartment and have a special guest over to be romantic. You don’t want your roommate, who has a key to the door, to suddenly burst in and spoil the moment or maybe it’s the one that you have a relationship with that will catch you in the act!

Stop that door from opening and know that someone tried to turn the knob by placing the Alarm Security Bar.

A burglar will try to pick a lock. If this happens, the motion of the door knob will trigger off the loud sound of a dog barking. Since they hear a dog, instead of pushing through with picking the lock or breaking the door know, chances are they will retreat as they don’t want to get caught. The sound of a dog’s bark can scare off a lot of people and is much better to listen to than a shrill siren.

The Alarm Security Bar requires no installation. The length of the bar may be extend so it can be adjusted to the height needed to be used on practically any door. Get the details.

How much do you have to pay for extra peace of mind? Even if you have security devices, this one provide more. If you hardly have any, this one is lot cheaper than those other others and is strong, sturdy, plus loud.

For only $30 each, provide additional security to your doors today.