Get the Airman! It flies by remote control! It the newest RC plane toy from As Seen On TV that's perfect for anyone who wants a flying robot! And, it's durable so if it crashes, this toy won't get destroyed!

The Airman is an RC plane. It flies like Superman and it's a totally awesome toy. The Airman is a humanoid and it comes in 4 colors which are Outrageous Orange, Electric Yellow, Bombastic Blue, and Radical Red. It has twin propellers that make it zip through the sky. Kids and adults are going to love this RC plane toy as it's one that flies and is no ordinary RC plane!

Made from foam infused material, landing and crashing the As Seen On TV Airman has no worries unlike other RC planes that'll get busted. The controllers are easy to use so that a child can get to fly their own Airman. There's no need to assemble this as when the toy arrives, it's ready to fly out of the box and up up and away it goes, zooming through the sky and flying high! The range of this RC toy is 200 feet and it is rechargeable with it's own lithium battery and it is rechargeable from the transmitter. It's going to be so cool and so fun to fly the Airman!

Flying RC planes and helicopters is so much fun. Yet, many of these break upon landing and are a challenge to keep in the air. Playing with RC toys that are expensive is mostly done by adults as children may smash the toys. Still, nearly every child wants to fly their own RC toy and now they can without spending a lot and breaking it with the latest RC toy from As Seen On TV, the Airman, which is now on a special offer as you can get TWO for the price of one!