Sitting on your chair for long hours or constant standing or walking the whole day can take a toll on your legs because your legs either get stiff from sitting in one position, or they get strained or stiff from too much walking or standing. Body massages are great stress relievers, but some are way too expensive and you cannot have daily massages. Why not invest in the Air Press Leg Massager? This product is an innovative, portable massager which is meant to de-stress your upper and lower legs, but can also be used on your tired arms as well.

The Air Press Leg Massager greatly helps in relieving tension and stress felt by your whole body. It improves blood circulation and removes the fatigue and stiffness of your legs and feet by giving you a soothing feeling of calmness and relaxation. Every package of Air Press Leg Massager includes: 2 Leg Massagers, 2 Thigh Massagers, a handheld Control Box, and an AC/DC Adapter. Both the Thigh and Leg Massagers have Velcro to keep your legs covered snugly while having a soothing massage. The squeezing and deflating of the Air Press Leg Massager imitates the kneading action of a masseuse and relieves your body of the stiffness, aches, and pain on your thighs, legs, and feet areas. The Leg Massager or massage boots covers your lower leg up to the toes of your feet so that it sends therapeutic healing sensations along your calves, ankles, arches, heels, and toes.

The Air Press Leg Massager soothes and relaxes your tired and aching bones and muscles. Being portable and easy to use, you can do the massages in the privacy and comfort of your home or hotel while doing other things like watching TV or reading a book. Or, simply enjoy it while you are lying down in bed. Enjoy the Air Press Leg Massager anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Make it your personal home spa.

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