This Aero Knife review introduces the knife that Ming Tsai endorses. Buy 1 - Get A Knife and Sharpener FREE! A world-renowned chef demonstrates the re-invented knife that glides when cutting and is non-stick. Razor-sharp, the Aero Knife makes the chore of cutting a breeze.

The Aero Knife has a feature not found in any other knife. There are other non-stick knives reviews but those are made of plastic and can't cut that well plus there is no way to sharpen those.

Aero Knife Commercial

The Aero Knife is non-stick because of the unique design which reduces the surface area of the blade by 60 percent.

The Aero Knife has the frame of the blade. This means what is retained is the top edge, the sharp cutting edge, and the supporting thin blade parts in the middle. With the empty spaces by this frame, the food item that is cut has less of the knife to stick to. So, instead of having to push the food off the knife with the hands or another utensil, it just drops off, and the cutting process goes smoother.

Ming Tsai in his Aero Knife review demonstration video, cuts most food items using a drawing motion. This means that instead of using the weight of the knife and the pressure from the hand to cut, it's easier tho slide the knife with a long motion from the tip going down to the middle or end of the blade to cut as one long stroke accomplishes the task. To dice and julienne, one just uses it like an ordinary knife but the advantage is that the cut parts don't stick to the knife and drops back to the cutting surface.

Clean and smooth cuts are what makes the difference in food preparation and presentation. Most of these tasks are made easier with the Aero Knife, the razor-sharp, non-stick knife like when carving a turkey, the poultry meat doesn't crumble and cheese doesn't stick to it.

We all need a great knife in the kitchen, one that makes the chore of cutting, dicing, and slicing a lot easier. Most of our kitchen knives have solid blades and we are used to the minor problem of the food sticking to it but now, we don't have to do those extra steps of taking the food off every time we cut a potato and more.

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Get the knife that Ming Tsai endorses, as you'll surely love how easy it will be to chop with it and how the Aero Knife cuts down the time needed to cut food.