Ab RailDoes your fitness equipment target your fats along the midsection of your body? Are you satisfied with the results? If not, here is the answer to your prayers. The Ab Rail is the revolutionary abdominal fat eliminator and body toner. The Ab Rail eliminates all the fat cells from your midsection area, and then trims, tightens, and strengthens your abdominal muscles.

A special exercise movement that is exclusive to the Ab Rail is called a Circular Abdominal Sequence. This is by far the only fitness equipment which enables your abdomen to do top-to-side-to-bottom-to-side flex motions. This burns fat faster. The Ab Rail is a bench with three separate paddings on top for your buttocks, back, and head. The padding for the buttocks and headrests are flat, while the backrest is curved higher to fit your curved back and eliminate strain in that area. Above the padded bench is a steel rail with bent side poles to allow flexibility when the rail is moved forward and backward. Fastened to the steel rail is a glider on which two curved handles hang below it to provide comfortable gripping while pulling your upper body upwards and allowing you to glide on the rail forward and back the same way you do sit-ups. The added support reduces strain on your neck, back, arms, and abdomen and keeps your body straight. Unlike the ordinary sit-up and oblique exercises, your upper body is well supported and you do the circular abdominal sequence much easier without fear of dislocation of your bones, nor any strenuous strain on your upper body muscles.

The Ab Rail is very sturdy and yet is made from lightweight materials. Ab Rail's ability to move your body forward, obliquely, or in a circular motion is what makes it unique and it gives your abs the contour you want.

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