Ab Glider review

AB Glider gets abs ripped fast with a 3 minute a day workout! Elisabeth Hasselbeck, famous star from the Survivor series and TV show host of The View, endorses this product as she uses it to look fantastically fit! Want to get the abs of a Survivor and be sexy fast? Read this AB Glider review.

The AB Glider is an ab machine that is highly effective in getting rid of belly fat and giving a person 6 pack abs. The body shaping capability of the AB Glider is terrific and it is easy to get in shape with it! Why exert more effort doing an ab workout when you glide your way to burning the fat in just a few minutes a day to become slim and get flatter abs? The ab machine featured in this AB Glider review is 2 in 1 which means it is can do more for you!

The AB Glider ab machine is cheaper than the Ab Coaster and Ab Circle Pro.

There was comparative AB Glider review done. Here are the results. The AB Glider is cheaper than the Ab Coaster by $100! The AB Glider is $50 less than the Ab Circle Pro. This AB Glider review offers it at only $149.99 + s&h which includes a lot of free stuff too!

The Ab Glider combines Circular Burn and the Arc Crunch.

Note that the Ab Glider ab machine facilitates both vertical and lateral motion. The Ab Coaster can only help you do cruches while the Ab Circle Pro moves only in circular motion. What you get with the Ab Glider is the capacity of both of those popular ab machines!

Use the Ab Glider to workout your entire core.

Core training with ease! Get the full results and optimize your workout by going on the Ab Glider to get ripped abs and strengthen your core strength with the sync movement. The ideal body that you can achieve with the use of the Ab Glider is that of a Survivor!

The Ab Glider can double the calorie burn.

With it's 44% more muscle activation because of the dual motion training, the target fitness goals are achieved in a shorter period of time. The smooth movement of the Ab Glider make it a less strenuous activity to melt the fat and turn it into energy!

When you order this ab machine from this Ab Glider review, you get a number of items for free:

A Weight Loss Eating Guide
3 Minute Results DVD
Amazing Abs DVD
An On Board Rep and Calorie Counter Computer

Purchase this ab machine today with the use of this Ab Glider review so that soon, you can get to burn the fat and develop abs. Get rid of the flab by gliding with your new Ab Glider for only a few minutes a day. The Ab Glider just cost $149.99 + s&h and covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Ab Glider reviewsOwn the dual action ab machine that works!

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