Ab Flex 2Does your regular workout shape your abs the way you want it? Introducing, the Ab Flex 2 fitness equipment for your daily exercise and slimming program. The Ab Flex 2 machine will be a good instrument to shape and strengthen your abs everyday.

The Ab Flex 2 is a unique fitness equipment that gives resistance each time you shove it towards your abs -- toning and strengthening it. First, you need to inhale and then as you exhale, push the Ab Flex 2 towards your abs to give more resistance. Since the Ab Flex 2 machine weighs only 2 pounds, you can do this exercise about 20 times on each area of your abdomen and target the fats that have accumulated in that area. The Ab Flex 2 gives both beginners and advanced exercise enthusiasts the easy opportunity to sculpt and strengthen their abdomen. Once you regularly exercise on the Ab Flex 2 machine, your muscles on your abs will start to tighten, thereby giving you strong and toned abs. All you need to do is sit on an ordinary cushioned and straight chair or bench. Next, get the Ab Flex 2 with both hands on the side handles and place the end of the Ab Flex 2 on your abdomen. Pull the Ab Flex 2 slowly towards your abs and slowly bring the handles outward to its original position. For every pull-and-release motion you do, you can maximize resistance by putting more pressure. This way, your ab muscles get squeezed well. Always remember, though, to pace your breathing so you do not tire yourself.

The Ab Flex 2 is one of the easiest fitness equipment available to use. Exercising with the Ab Flex 2 at home or in the office each day can still leave you energized to do other chores.

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