8 Minute Core Workouts DVD CollectionDo you often feel like going to the gym takes up so much time and effort so you end up not getting any exercise at all? Would you believe there is a complete DVD collection that gives you that complete workout in just eight minutes? Yes, eight minutes! That is all it will take you to work, firm up, tone and trim each of these body parts: your abs, arms, buns and legs. This is a complete workout from top to bottom and it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

The 8 Minute Core Workouts DVD Collection is a 40-minute DVD divided into 5 segments. This is a hard-working but quick Pilates workout that combines floor-mat as well as traditional exercises.The 8 Minute Abs works on the abdominal muscles. The 8 Minute Arms concentrates on toning and shaping your arms. The 8 Minute Buns focuses on tightening the buttocks. The 8 Minute Legs works your thigh muscles to give it that toned, muscular look. Lastly, the 8 Minute Stretch is a yoga-like workout that stretches all your muscle groups to build some flexibility in them. As you go through these exercises you will feel your heart pumping while you work that midsection to strengthen and tone it. Stress build-up is melted away as you feel the burn. The great thing about these 8-minute videos is that the Pilates instructor and her two assistants go through the exercises showing the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced versions of every exercise. So whether you are a newbie at exercising or a gym rat, this DVD collection will work for you.

All these videos come with an embedded timer so that as you are doing the exercises, you see the timer that counts down the minutes and seconds left till the end of the workout.

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