Tiny PrintsIf you are the type who likes to browse through stationery shops to pick out beautiful, personalized greeting cards for special occasions, then you'll love the very same intimate experience, the wide variety of choices available, coupled with the ability to order all these online. Tiny Prints is an online site where you can order personalized invitations, greeting cards, birth and graduation announcements, all-occasion cards, stationery, photo books and calendars.

Tiny Prints aims to preserve your precious life moments and those of your family members in high quality paper items, using the most innovative technology available. They are the exclusive online retailer of design powerhouses such as Petite Alma, Sarah Hawkins Designs and many other fashionable brands. They also host collections of MiGi, Dwell Studios, Sanrio, Elum, Hello Little One and so many more. There are two ways to use Tiny Prints. You may opt to pay only per greeting card you use. Or you may decide to become a member of Tiny Prints to gain unlimited access to all these designs. After signing in, start by simply clicking on your type of card or item design. You will be brought to the item's product page where you can select from different layouts, edit text, change font, add pictures (as in the case of photo cards) and do other personalization like selecting the size of paper. There are Design Accents for most of these designs that you can use to embellish the stationery or card.

Tiny Prints gives you more features than just beautiful cards and stationery. You can create cards months in advance and schedule when you want them shipped. Their site also allows you to add your address contacts either through their form or importing it from other sources such as Yahoo!, Gmail and other email clients. They ensure that the paper they use is also of the highest quality. For a small additional amount, you can opt to purchase digital proofs to check how the finished product will look. Tiny Prints ships internationally as well for those in other countries who also love their card and stationery designs.

Whatever it is you order from Tiny Prints, you are sure to love how you can personalize them depending on the occasion and be assured of their efficient delivery and customer service.

Order from Tiny Prints at www.tinyprints.com