Snapily adds 3D effects and animates your snap shots. 3D photos made into cards or with a Morph changing effect that shows one image and then another - as 2 dimensional is so totally yesterday.

What kind of movies do you prefer to watch? The gaming glasses that are needed by the kids? The new kind of TV for the ultimate entertainment center?

LCD. HD. Now, 3D your photos to make them into greeting cards, business cards, bookmarks, backpack tags, ornaments, and 3D photo prints easily with Snapily.

This Snapily reviews video shows you exactly what are the steps to make these awesome images.

Get into the decade of dimension in more ways than one. This Snapily reviews offer provides you with a terrific way to present photographs. Don't just frame them, place them in an album, make them into an ordinary photo card, or upload and share on your social networking site.

The power of high technology of movies, computer screens, and TVs is yours to create personalized photo products and decor, plus 3D photo prints with the one and only Snapily.

A while back, it was the in thing to send animated emails and some of them even had music. That is so passe. And, how can you send one of those to someone that has no email like an inmate? To send one to a prisoner, make sure you have the right size required and inquire if the facility will receive these kind of photo cards.

Snapily is the Right Way to See Photos

We see the world in 3 dimensions which are width, height, and depth. The 4th dimension is time. The 5th Dimension was a band that gave us songs like "(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All" and "Up, Up, and Away."

Make photos to be viewed the way we see things. Send a 3D personalized photo card or gift, or even animated morph images. Start creating now with the easy to use tools of Snapily.