Silly Shaped Rubber BandsArtistically-inclined children are always on the lookout for new things they can use, play, and trade with with family and friends. A child or even a kid-at-heart adult like you will love to use the Silly Shaped Rubber Bands available in the market today. This innovative invention was created to provide adults and children a chance to bring out their artistic side in creating cool touches to gifts, greeting cards, or even to use as cool bracelets.

The idea in creating the Silly Shaped Rubber Bands is unique. Not only do they take the shape of animals, musical instruments, and other fun shapes, but they also glow in the dark. To add to the fun of it, you can choose to wear several colored pieces like a set of bracelets on your wrist, wrap them around small items or atop large gifts for additional artistic finishing touches, or perhaps distribute them as giveaway favors at parties. Whatever you do with them, once released after being stretched, they will all go back to their original shapes. An order of the Silly Shaped Rubber Bands has 10 packs of 12 assorted rubber bands in each pack, giving you 120 cool and exciting ways of having fun!

The Silly Shaped Rubber Bands will certainly brighten any child's day and will make adults like you bring out your creative juices as you doodle with them during parties or fun times with other people. Your family can play or use these Silly Shaped Rubber Bands any time of the day or night, but only children aged three and above are allowed to play with them because they can truly appreciate their use. As silly as they seem to be, they look very cool and most importantly, strong to use for home, office, or school projects.

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