Want the kids to have three times the fun of one toy? Give them PuzzUPS, three toys in one. It’s a puzzle, a 3D sculpture, and an outlet for your kids to unleash their creativity and make their very own masterpiece. Get them absorbed in PuzzUPS for hours and hours. This is a fun, educational and artistic toy rolled into one!

First of all, PuzzUPS is a jigsaw puzzle. You and your child can help assemble all the pieces the way you would with a regular puzzle. This puzzle can be very challenging since the edges are not a;ways square or rectangular in form, like most puzzles. For example, the Large King Tut Kit features King Tut’s elegant mask so the final puzzle actually forms his mask.

When you are done with the puzzle, those same pieces can now be used and stacked one on top of the other, following a numbering order and lo and behold! The pieces actually form a 3D sculpture! The same pieces that formed the 2D King Tut mask, for example, has now become a 3D version of the mask. The Giant Dolphin Kit, when stacked, features three dolphins in 3D, swimming under the sea. And the Mini Penguin Kit turns into a 3D penguin head.

The fun doesn’t stop there. PuzzUPS takes it a step further and tickles your child’s artistic and creative skills because they can now paint or use markers on their 3D sculpture to make it come alive with vibrant colors.

Other puzzles, once done, lose the initial excitement of putting it together. With PuzzUPS, the excitement begins only with assembling the puzzle because this is a three-in-one toy that will bring hours and hours of entertaining fun to your child and his or her friends.

With your order, you get all three exciting kits. Your kids will not only have fun but their abstract abilities and artistic skills will be greatly enhanced when they play with PuzzUPS.

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