Precious Moments is more than just collectible figurines. Would you like to be able to take a walk in the Precious Moments park and visit the Chapel? These delightful figures can give you accesses to wonderful events such as candlelight ceremonies. If you are a mom, there is also a community that you can be part of. Learn more about how Precious Moments can make life much better.

For 30 years, Precious Moments figurines have decorated many homes. Perfect small figures with touching scenes make these collectible one of the most popular all over the world. The pastel colors and the lovely faces of the many Precious Moments figurines are treasured possessions placed on display on mantle pieces and glass cabinets.

A Precious Moments gift is one that last. Perfect for many special days such as welcoming a new baby, a christening, a birthday, and just to say, "I care" or "Thank You" - this gift will be appreciated and cherished for many years.

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Precious Moments - A Walk in the Park

The Precious Moments park is located in Carthage, Missouri. The ideal place to visit with the entire family, one of the main attractions is the Chapel. Inside it there are murals that cover an area of 5,000 square feet. These murals where created by Samuel J. Butcher, who also is the artist who made the figurines.

If you have been wondering where to go that will uplift the spirits, no matter what age you are, it will be a heart-warming moment to see the exclusive figurine collection at the Precious Moments Chapel.

Precious Moments - Timeless Treasures

There are so many Precious Moments figurines to choose from and new ones are always being created. These figurines touch the heart of nearly everyone who sees it. Adorable, surely, you will find one Precious Moments that will be perfect to commemorate the special times of our lives.

Take a virtual walk to the Precious Moments site to see how you can interact with others, know how to get to the park, and browse the gallery of Precious Moments figures.