pixmacFar from being a mere micro stock site that loads pictures by the dozen every second, Pixmac Stock Photos is a fast, efficient, highly usable and popular micro stock agency that has a ready manifestation of the visual imagery in your mind in their extensive collection. The software tools are designed to give you search results that are accurate so you don’t have to run around from one site to another when you quickly need an image for last minute office presentations, classroom projects or even some of your creative indulgences. The photos can be used for the web, outdoor hoardings, magazines, advertising material, brochures, banners and an assortment of other visual creations.

Pixmac stocks a collection of over 10 million images including Imageshop, Somos, Image Source, Image 100, Zefa, Moodboard, InsideOutPix, Dreamstine and Fotolia creations on a single site. With their newly introduced Visual Similarity search tool, skimming through the plethora of pictures and nailing down the perfect ones has become all the more easier. You can speedily search through hundreds of images in an optimized manner using attributes like shape, color, texture, composition or the actual object to lay your hands on the most appropriate picture.

The Visual Similarity feature is nice for designers, universities, students, writers, advertising agencies and other professionals who don’t want to waste too much time with unproductive keyword searches.

Another factor that works in favor of Pixmac over other micro stock sites is the relatively short time that it takes for an image heavy page to load. The site has introduced the acceleration technique to offer you images for your choice in a matter of seconds. Pixmac even measured its score against competitors to be rated on a scale of 0 to 100 on the Google Page Speed Tool, where it came out tops in the page loading time parameter.

You can sign up for free, buy pre-paid credits using a highly secure VeriSign encrypted system and start browsing through the 10,315, 250 pictures right away.

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