Peekapak is a monthly club for kids that sends them an adventure book with activities. These activities provides them with the props for the storybook to become more interesting. The child will be enthralled with the adventure of the Peekapak characters as they read the story or it is read-aloud to them. And, there are two activities that are crafts to create that is in line with the story. The materials for the activities are included in each Peekapak.

Create A New Adventure Each Month

The hands-on activities is designed for the little ones by educators. A Peekapak is a learning tool that is made to create quality bonding time for the family. As a child is "going" on the adventure to spur the imagination, the child also learns to become more creative.

The benefits of providing a child with a Peekapak are many, including improving their literacy skills. It is interesting and there can always be a new one for them to look forward when you join this monthly club. It is also possible just to order one to send to your home or give as a gift, or for 3 or more months to maximize savings as each Peekapak can cost as low as only $$19.99.

When you want to have educational items for your kids or give an educational gift to children, you now can send a Peekapak for a special occasion, for Christmas, and for every month of the year. It would be so great to give a gift of learning.

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Unpack A New Adventure Each Month