One Second Needle review

The One Second Needle is the best thing that has ever happened to sewing and no home should be without it. The major problem that ever seamstress, tailor, and anybody who has ever held a needle and thread is finally solved as you will discover with this One Second Needle review. With the One Second Needle, you can thread the needle in a single loop and thread action. The One Second Needle has a built-in needle threader.

The original needles were made from fish bones or cactus spines and a hole was placed in the end. As time went by, it developed into the long, thin needle we are familiar with today. Pushing in a thread to the eye of the needle may be easy for some, but for many,  it is a task that is quite a challenge. There are those whose vision is no longer the same and has difficulty threading a needle.

A needle has looked the same for centuries, but now, the sewing industry has been made easier with this technological advancement. Sewing in itself is not an easy chore, but the One Second Needle is the solution to the biggest sewing problem of them all and plus it solves many more. Watch this One Second Needle review video to see how easy it is to thread a needle and what are the other sewing tricks that this fantastic needle can do!

One of the ways to solve a problem before was to use a needle threader in which you place in the flexible soft metal wire into the eye of the needle, push the thread to the bigger loop the wire creates and pull it through. The problem with this sewing method is that you are still required to find the eye of the needle.

The One Second Needle is easy to use and totally eliminates the problem of having to thread a needle. If you take a closer look near the eye, you will notice that there is a small space that the thread will fit into to and that the inner needle eye hole has a special provision so that the thread will not come out. The One Second Needle is like the wheel reinvented.

The One Second Needle does more that make threading super simple for you, it help solve many other sewing problems. You can thread the One Second Needle with one quick movement. With the One Second Needle, you no longer have to thread many needles with different colored threads while you are embroidering or cross-stitching! You can use it to get the thread a snag and bury the thread. This One Second Needle review will give you everything that you need for your basic sewing, mending, and crafting requirements for only $10!

When you buy the One Second Needle, you get much more than just a needle - you get 4 small sized One Second Needle that you can use on thin material and 4 large sized One Second Needle that you can use thick material and crafting. You also get the special One Second Needle Sewing kit, which is the complete ensemble that you need placed in an organizer with a handy, zip-close case.

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