Have you ever imagined yourself as a cowboy, royalty, or an astronaut as a child? You may have played dress up games, wore costumes or role-played with your siblings, relatives, and friends. Did you ever wish you had the costumes that'll make pretending so much better?

Imagination games are fun.

When a child pretends that they are a pirate or a fairy or take on other roles like that of a superhero, they speak in that manner and it spurs their creativity to the point that they will even make their own stories!

My Pretend Place has some of the best costumes online. The dress-up costumes that you will find are complete with accessories. Their pretend-play themed costumes are fairy, astronaut, cowboy and cowgirl, firefighter, ninja, pirate, princess, safari, engineer and superhero. And, these are various kinds of costumes that make imagination games so much more fun like the astronaut raincoat with boots!

A child would love to play pretend and you can fill a trunk easily with costumes for their dress up games. Their friends would come over and love to play dress up for hours and the squeals of joy of those little tykes as pirates, superheros, fairies, princesses, ninjas, and more shall truly make shopping at My Pretend Place surely one of the most fun costume game you can give a child.

My Pretend Place has more than dress up items and practical ones that kids can use daily like the raincoat as there are activities such as crafts to make their own fairy flower head wreath or fairy wings, books, playhouses like castles, and so much more.

If you look around My Pretend Place, you'll see right away the superior quality of the children's costumes that are unlike those that you can find at other stores. And, for each theme, there is the playroom activities which has a choice of fun crafts, recipes, and other tasks. And the older kids, teens, and adults too may have fun at My Pretend Place as there are a lot of free kid's recipes like Banana Buccaneers, princess cupcakes, super burgers, and crocodile sub sandwiches.

If you remember how it was to play as a child, the littlest thing like a matchbox could spur the imagination to create a whole afternoon of play and My Pretend Places has the items that are guaranteed to give a child have hours and hours of fun.

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