An amazing display of wall art and wall decals can be seen at Lot 26 Studio. Designs galore and various types such as removable and adhesive ones can instantly turn a drab wall or certain flat surfaces into something fantastic, elegant, or funny.

Take a quick look at your surroundings. What kind of wall art may be placed on an empty space? Paintings are so expensive and maybe not your style. The solution is to stick or hang up on it a piece of decor from Lot 26 Studio.

There are basically two choices to make when buying wall decor. The first is whether you want it to be permanent or removable. For example, you might want one in the kids bedroom to brighten up the wall, and another one that they can write on that you can move to stick on the wall of the living room when they play there.

The next choice that you will make is the kind of design or image the wall decor has. These range from flowers to NFL decor. There is a tremendous display of images that may be fantasy-like or photographic ones with variations of effects such as that of the New York skyline.

After having an idea of what kind of wall art you want, there are still extensive choices to easily be made. One of these is if it will be a multiple gallery and what size it should be. These decisions will be based on where you want to place them, be it on a wall, on an appliance, for the bulletin board creation in a facility, or for the practically any flat surface that the adhesive may cling to.

When you want to add a theme to a room, one of the ways to do so is by placing wall decor. Perfect for any room or hallway - to make an area more to your liking, to segregate area, and to make every house into a home, the resource site that has a tremendous inventory is Lot 26 Studio.

See what is featured in the gallery and what are the best sellers that this wall art store has. Check out the new sports wall art or the one for kids. Take a look at the items that are on sale so you can get a few at super low prices.

Enjoy the browsing experience when you view the gallery of Lot 26 Studio.