Bringing out one’s artistic side is easy with the right materials on hand.  Ordinary pens can only do so much.  With Blendy Pens, you not only get the colors you see, but the colors you can create.  With its good quality yet affordable non-toxic and washable felt-tip pens that blend and create so much more colors, watch kids and adults' creativity and imagination burst into hours and hours of drawing fun!!!

Blendy Pens stand out compared to regular markers that limit the number of colors available.  With Blendy Pens, you get all the colors in your set, plus all the colors your imagination can come up with.  Kids are kept entertained and away from the television for countless hours because Blendy Pens help nurture and bring out their creativity.  This wonderful set of pens also adds great finishing touches to works of art and home-made cards and are really easy to learn and simple to use.

Use the pens as they are, or put two Blendy Pens on both ends of the fusion chamber. With a simple twist of the wrist, watch one color fuse with the tip of the other and like magic, you get an “in-between” color every time.  If you prefer, remove one of the markers and fuse in a third color to give you thousands of color possibilities. These pens are full of ink and will give hours of pleasure to anyone, boy or girl, young or old. And to top it all, Blendy Pens always blend clean and eventually return to their original colors so you always end up with neat drawings and striking colors.

Create lovely works of art with your own Blendy Pens or give them as gifts to children and special people. Bring out the artist in everyone because art need not be expensive.  Everyone will enjoy the thrill of creating colors never seen before. Save money with Blendy Pens because you can blend more pen colors for the price of a basic colored pen set. See just how much more colorful drawings become with Blendy Pens. There is nothing quite like its magic.